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10 Reasons to Short Sale

  1. Absolutely no fees or costs to you.
  2. The loan balance on your property is greater than the value of your home.
  3. Gets you out from under a debt that you can’t afford with no future recourse.
  4. Allows you to stay in your home longer and you get to choose your move out date.
  5. Much better for your credit score than foreclosure and allows you to re-enter the market in 0-2 years.
  6. Liens, judgments or deficiency amount can be negotiated while in escrow, including IRS and franchise tax liens.
  7. Your loan modification was denied, you didn’t receive a principal reduction or you have been waiting months for any feedback.
  8. You already damaged your credit because your loan mod company told you that you had to stop paying before getting a loan modification – now you have poor credit and an asset worth significantly less than what you owe.
  9. Do the right thing versus a kick out and leave with dignity.
  10. Peace of mind, a fresh start and a good nights sleep.

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