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Tips on how to reduce your outdoor watering

August 4, 2015

Tips on reducing your outdoor watering By EMWD.

Here are a few tips you can reduce your outdoor watering:

watering only 1-2 days a week is an excellent way to use 50% or less of outdoor water use
Cut the time you water in half. For example […]

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Legal Aspects of the Tenant Screening Process

July 23, 2015

Article by: American Apartment Owners Association,

One of the greatest challenges of any landlord is finding tenants who will adhere to the conditions of the lease and pay their rent on time. To avoid housing discrimination complaints, it is crucial to abide by federal and state fair housing […]

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6 Common Mistakes Landlords Make During Rent Collection & Evictions

July 10, 2015


There’s not a landlord who’s been in business for long who hasn’t had a tenant fail to pay on time — or at all. When it happens, the speed and consistency of the landlord’s response […]

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Creating an Enforceable Rental Agreement

July 1, 2015

Article by, American Partners Apartment Association.

Being a landlord may feel like the culmination of a dream, but it can quickly become a nightmare if you end up with bad tenants who know how to work the system. Fortunately, one of the ways you can protect yourself is […]

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