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Home Buying & Credit Repair

Home Buying & Credit Repair

Its really important to understand that over half of the Country was affected by the Mortgage Crisis. 5 in 10 people I encounter have either experienced a Short Sale or a Foreclosure or BK. It is nothing to be ashamed of and many people are still sitting under a cloud while hoping their credit recovers or worse they don’t check their credit in hopes to ignore the obvious dropping of their score. Credit scoring being as it is.. no two scores are the same for the same reason I have seen all kinds of strange things! As my office also handles Property Management I see first hand the effects of a Short Sale or Foreclosure or Bankruptcy. Some scores barely reflect any damage even after a Foreclosure while other scores are hit harder by a Short Sale. The good news is that in most cases, credit heals over time. If you are in any of these three categories you can generally purchase in 2-3 years so long as your other credit is in tact. However blips on credit, collections, or incorrect reporting can detour home buying as an option. Home Buying & Credit Repair go hand in hand in these cases!

We found a company called Dedicated Credit Repair or DCR who actually does what they say!!! DCR is a prestigious credit restoration company that prides themselves on providing accurate and honest credit education and effective permanent credit restoration services. DCR is registered with the Department of Justice and only 3% of all credit restoration companies have this required certification. Reputable credit repair!

DCR helps clients in all FICO score ranges. The “Best” candidates are those who fall in the lower FICO score ranges who wish to see a 60-100 point increase in their scores. Typically the program ranges from 90 days to 60 months with increases in FICO scores occurring within the very first 30 days of the program. They work with clients in all 50 states and have the capability to provide consultations as well as client status report appointments via phone, webinar, Skype etc to accommodate their out of state clients.

The program is for individuals who have open or unsettled collections in addition to “typical ” repair issues. Open collections are negotiated and settled down to .25 to .50 on the dollar. Their staff uses various Collection Acts to aggressively settle accounts in a timely manner. All clients receive a mandatory complimentary consultation.

Home Buying is the American Dream and if you are in need of credit repair then I am now happy to refer you to the ONLY credit repair service I have actually found to repair credit! I have been in the business 15 years and this is a first!!

contact DCR now at 951-246-7754