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Tips on how to reduce your outdoor watering

Tips on how to reduce your outdoor watering

August 4, 2015

Tips on reducing your outdoor watering By EMWD.

Here are a few tips you can reduce your outdoor watering:New Image

  1. watering only 1-2 days a week is an excellent way to use 50% or less of outdoor water use
  2. Cut the time you water in half. For example, if you water for 6 minutes, cut it down to 3 minutes
  3. Use your outdoor water budget as your guide. Every month you are allotted a number of billing units for your outside usage  which is based on your properties irrigated area and daily weather information. For example, a 35,550 square foot landscape in August would typically receive a 22 billing units for outdoor usage. So cutting your outdoor usage by 50% mean only using 11 billing units. Keep in mind that the outdoor budget can change every month due to weather conditions. Your billing statement provides up to 3 month forecast of upcoming budgets.

For more information on how to read your billing statement or more information on California Drought, Please click the link below. Click Here