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Real Estate Training

Reliable Realty 6-week Training/Internship Course

Reliable Realty offers a 6 week- weekend Training course that consists of 6 consecutive Saturday classes from 9-2:00pm. Prior to entering the training program, intern must have enrolled in a Real Estate Licensing Course or have ordered the course through Reliable Realty. Approximate cost of the course is $199.00. Please call 1800-435-8013 to sign up for upcoming  class. 

Training consists of learning the Residential Purchase Agreement start to finish. During this time intern will be studying to take the California State test. The State test does not prepare a student to practice Real Estate so it is imperative to learn the Residential purchase agreement from start to finish as well as each disclosure, along with marketing, listing and sales presentations and of course some valuable sales skills as well.   You will learn how to write a listing agreement and the laws surrounding each and every contract.

Training is headed up by Kellee Spillman. Broker-Owner Reliable Realty Inc. Kellee has sold over 1500 homes in her Real Estate Career and has been successful in virtually every economy. Kellee started her Real Estate Career beginning in Title insurance in 1992 then obtained her Real Estate License in 1997.  Kellee has been in outside sales for 27 years and has a proven track record of success. Kellee’s training will not only prepare intern for a successful Real Estate career which will require outstanding knowledge but more importantly a successful sales career. It is one thing to have head knowledge but something totally different to understand we are in the people business and must have marketing and sales skills.

Training Schedule 

Week #1– Review first Page of Purchase Contract~Loan Officer discussion. Loan officer will explain each type of loan including FHA, VA and Conventional.

Week #2– Review Second Page of Purchase Contract~ Escrow Officer presentation. Escrow officer will explain the escrow process start to finish.

Week #3– Review Third and Fourth Page of Purchase Contract~ Review disclosures. Home Warranty Rep discussion.

Week #4– Review Fifth, Sixth, Seventh Page of Purchase Contract~Review disclosures. Natural Hazard Rep discussion.

Week #5– Review Page 8, and Buyers Advisory. Finish Disclosure review~ Termite/WDP Rep discussion.

Week #6– Test on Contracts. Student will be expected to have learned the how to write an FHA, VA and Conventional offer successfully. Offers will be based on criteria given in real life scenarios. A 50 question test will also be given based on the other information learned.

Weekly you will learn a portion of the contract to the point where you will be very well versed and have extreme confidence when writing an offer or presenting one to your seller. You will also learn the do’s and don’ts regarding disclosures as well as learning powerful listing presentations to utilize at your appointments.

On the very last class you will be tested on writing offers as well as on escrow documents, loan documents, home warranty, and Natural hazard reports. 


Once the training course has been completed and intern has passed State exam, the fun begins!!

Intern will then write down business goals and work on a business plan as to how they plan to venture into their real estate career. Full time is not possible for most people so planning and strategizing is very important.

Kellee uses the Franklin system so as things are prioritized daily. Depending what financial goals are, the daily activities will meet them.

Purchasing a planner will be a must and attending all sales meetings will be required. Knowledge is power when applied properly. Intern will begin working open houses and set up at least 5 different marketing functions per month to work on. These are money producing activities and will become the best of habits!!